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Things that concern you as an entrepreneur

  • I have difficulty explaining my proposition.
  • I have insufficient marketing knowledge.
  • I don’t get enough done daily.
  • I find it difficult to sell to someone.
  • I have trouble setting priorities.
  • Does my website actually attract clients?
  • Will my social media efforts convert into sales?
  • How can I increase my visibility in a smart way?
  • I feel like I’m stuck and I need inspiration.
  • How do I get more ideal clients?
  • How do I know what price to ask?
  • How do I find the right partners to work with?
  • I need systems and strategies.
  • I need an expert partner to bounce ideas around with.

You have many ideas you want to implement, but you’re not sure how to structure it as a whole and you don’t want to think of and do everything by yourself. As a result you often procrastinate on the implementation and that results in fewer new clients. This leads to not achieving the income that enables you to live the life you want as a successful entrepreneur.

More business success

We will help you in choosing your ideal customer, what services and/or products to offer for optimal result and in preparing and shaping your marketing plan. We are a sounding board for you if you are unsure about which direction to follow or if things fall through. We bring structure to your business operations, implementing online tools and systems and teach you what is working and what’s not based on years of personal experience.

How do we do this? With our tailor made Boost Your Biz Bootcamp and Boost Your Biz Program!

Boost Your Biz Bootcamp

We will have an extensive sparring session about your business and how to implement your online marketing in a results-oriented way. Also, we determine how to improve your focus and what choices to make in your business. During this half-day session we discuss what is actually holding you back and how to improve on this topic quickly.

In preparation you will receive well in advance our ‘Exceptional Goals Worksheet’ so that during the first session we can start immediately. At the end of this session you will be given a set of specific assignments on which you will then receive feedback during a follow up Skype session.

What is your return on investment of the Boost Your Biz Bootcamp? Fast and pragmatic advice in areas such as general business management, marketing & sales, entrepreneurship and mindset. After the Boost Your Biz Bootcamp you know what you need to do to give your business a boost in the right direction!

Boost Your Biz Program

  • We’ll start with you, the entrepreneur! Who are you, do you really like what you are doing and are you making the best use of your knowledge and skills?
  • Do you have the best mindset for success? We will be working on all your questions, doubts and uncertainties, so you can start this new phase in your business with confidence and focus.
  • Your ideas, vision, mission and proposition will take shape in a specific action plan.
  • We’re going to have a look at your current client avatar. Who is your ideal client? Is this perhaps one of your current stumbling blocks that obstructs your success?
  • We will sharpen the (cost) structure of your business and will implement online systems.
  • We will transform your knowledge into products, services and/or programs.
  • After creating your own product or program, we’ll draw up a plan for its launch.
  • We will evaluate and optimize your marketing plan.
  • With Jakolien Sok and Arjan Warmerdam you are getting skilled and experienced sparring partners.

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What we have to offer

Boosting Your Brand inspires, educates, equips and empowers the ambitious female entrepreneur to run her business (even more) successful. You have come to the right place for tailor-made Business Boosting programs & sessions, online marketing strategy & implementation, personal branding, email marketing, inbound marketing and social media marketing. Also, if you need a brand new state-of-the-art responsive and SEO optimized website, want to sharpen your marketing and sales skills, give your mindset a boost or want to bounce ideas or strategies around, we are happy to assist you!


Biz Boosting July 5, 2015
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