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  • Personal branding
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You already have a few hundred Twitter followers, LinkedIn contacts and/or Facebook fans and perhaps occasionally write a blog post. You are using online marketing as part of your marketing activities but the return on investment just hasn’t been optimal or maybe not there at all. You don’t have a solid grasp of which content appeals to your target audience, potential clients and what increases engagement with them. You lack the time to maintain a consistent online presence. You spend (too) much time planning and distributing your content. You are not able to work on your online marketing each and every day.

Your online marketing

At Boosting Your Brand we think, eat, drink and dream online. We have been monitoring all the online developments worldwide for years now. We translate these insights into specific and practical applications for you, the entrepreneur. We help you with your online marketing strategy and increase your findability, visibility and authority online. We automate your prospect funnel and implement smart tools to plan your online content retrieval, distribution and analysis. We will increase the reach of your online marketing efforts and teach you what is working and what’s not based on years of personal experience.

How do we do this? With our Online Marketing Boost and Online Marketing Multi Booster!

Online Marketing Boost

Based on your specific needs in areas such as content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing or content marketing automation tools we will work shoulder to shoulder to brush up your knowledge and get it to the desired level during one or more afternoon Skype sessions.

In preparation for this half-day session we discuss well in advance by Skype your interest areas and your specific needs, so that during the session we can start immediately. At the end of the session you will be given a set of specific assignments on which you will then receive feedback.

Online Marketing Multi Booster

  • A review of your online FVC (Findability, Visibility and Credibility).
  • An analysis of your online marketing goals, your current efforts and recommendations for improvement.
  • We analyze where your ideal customer is present online in order to make the right platform choices.
  • You will learn all about using the right tools for social, content curation, distribution of your content, branding and visual identity, email marketing, sales funnels and analytics.
  • Automation of your efforts in order to create a consistent presence.
  • FVC and SEO optimization by means of a thorough online marketing strategy.
  • Based on your specific wishes the Online Marketing Multi Booster can be filled with respectively 3, 6 or 9 Skype video sessions of 90 minutes.

Give your online marketing a boost!

Schedule a free Skype call with Jakolien Sok


What we have to offer

Boosting Your Brand inspires, educates, equips and empowers the ambitious female entrepreneur to run her business (even more) successful. You have come to the right place for tailor-made Business Boosting programs & sessions, online marketing strategy & implementation, personal branding, email marketing, inbound marketing and social media marketing. Also, if you need a brand new state-of-the-art responsive and SEO optimized website, want to sharpen your marketing and sales skills, give your mindset a boost or want to bounce ideas or strategies around, we are happy to assist you!


Online Marketing July 5, 2015
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